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Our Meat Me Promise

Local farms & ranches like ours,  genuinely take great pride and care for the animal's well-being because we realize that it results in a product of much better nutritional quality.


Our cattle are usually free to roam in open fields as nature intended and are raised for longer & healthier periods before processing.

We promise to care and look after all animals on our ranch with respect and human decency. We promise to take care of our customers by providing a transparent and open relationship about where their food is coming from and with what methods. 


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Kiziak Cattle Ranch

Codiak Acres

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 1990


Gary & Nancy Kiziak and family

Located in Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada


Codiak Acres is the vision of Gary and Nancy Kiziak and family. Today Codiak Acres consists of rolling grazing land on both the east and west sides of Elk Island National Park.
We’re proud to say that cattle from Codiak are on the ground in Ireland, the U.K., United States, and Australia.
Domestically, through semen, embryos and live cattle sales, Codiak Acres genetics are in almost every
province across Canada.

We consider our Speckle Park females to be some of the premier cattle in the industry.


While we take a great deal of pride in our breed accomplishments and now as well through Meat Me @ Codiak, our biggest and dearest accomplishment has been the friends that we have made in the cattle industry and in our community here in YEG.


A sale with Codiak is not a sale unless the buyer is satisfied.

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